Coach2XL Consulting

Sparking excellence through engagement!
Welcome to Coach2XL Consulting

Coach2XL is a consulting company providing leadership training and personal and professional development coaching. Working with individuals, teams and leaders as a business partner sparking excellence through engagement

Deanna Wrate, Principal of Coach2XL Consulting, is passionate about designing healthy workplaces, where creativity, innovation, collaboration and fun are the culture. It is what leads to an outstanding employee experience and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

Deanna  has over 20 years of progressive human resource experience and is skilled at addressing everyday challenges being faced by leaders in the workplace today. She works with front line supervisors and managers to develop skills to navigate our ever changing, ever demanding work responsibilities.

Deanna will investigate, analyze and determine what is working and what is not working. Then, working with your front line leadership she will help them develop skills that address such things as;
  • How to have constructive conversations with their staff, individually and in the team. 
  • How to identify behavioral disruptions before it becomes a performance concern.
  • How to manage the performance concern as it progresses.

In addition to Deanna’s Human Resources experience, she has over ten years of personal and professional coaching. She will work with individuals to focus on deepening their experience and moving forward to achieve their ultimate success. As a true collaborator Deanna, coaches individuals one-on-one through the process of reaching balance, fulfillment and ultimately engagement. Helping you discover solutions that are creative and sustainable.

At her core she believes people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This is where it begins.

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