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About Deanna

Deanna M. Wrate, CPHR
Principal, Business Partner

Victoria, BC  

Deanna is a Human Resources Professional  and Personal Coach.

Deanna the Human Resources Professional
, a chartered professional in human resources (CPHR) with over twenty years of experience, spanning many industries both in the private and public sectors. A true generalist, Deanna has a solid foundation in all aspects of human resources. She has provided corporate support on a variety of developmental, leadership and organizational effectiveness opportunities. 
She has also played a key role in several large scale operational takeovers and new facility start-ups. A full service HR consultant.

With a passion for leadership development and creating an outstanding "employee experience", Deanna is a dedicated trainer for front-line leaders. She has come to realize that her passion for facilitating engagement through leadership training and development is an essential service she has to provide.

She offers programs in:
  • Individual Contribution Commitments (Performance Management)
  • Disability Management
  • Change Management

Deanna the Coach;

 Deanna has been coaching individuals since 2001. She took her training through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the original founders of the Coaching movement. She believes that when you are ready "it" will come. That was exactly how CTI chose her. 


The core philosophy of CTI is that all individuals are creative, resourceful and whole. This is in complete 
alignment to her own. 

Having always had a passion for
, Deanna has created a thriving Coaching practice. Using the Co-Active Coaching Model from CTI as her guide in the pursuit of being your partner and catalyst to living on purpose. 

Working with Deanna will help you discover what that means for you. Are you fulfilled? Are you living in balance? Are you doing this on purpose?

Deanna helps individuals mine their values, realize balance and achieve personal success. She is able to tap into the individual's potential, find the spark and set the stage for transformational development.

To learn more about Deanna's professional experience, check out her LinkedIn profile 

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