Career Management

Career Coaching is no different than personal and professional development. We start on the foundation that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

We work with individuals entering the workforce, individuals who are not content where they are in their work life, individuals who by choice or circumstance are changing jobs, companies or careers... any individual who is looking for something different.

We look at the whole person; experience, education, interests, hopes, dreams, and we support you in bringing that together in the form of a resume or letter of introduction. 
We won't necessarily write a resume for you. Although we can. We will assist you in seeing where your experience, interests and skills can be recognized as transferable skills. You are not the job you are in at the moment. You are partly that, and so much more!

Even the simple exploration of what is out there can be a fun experience. 
What can you contribute? What is your value? What are you "worth"? 

Let's work together to find the common themes of your experience, through school, post-secondary education, work, volunteerism and life in general. 
  • What is it that has you throw the covers off in the morning, because you can't wait to get at it? 
  • What is it that has you pull the covers over your head, because the thought of what you have to do today is just too much?
Once we discover what you are passionate about, we will work with you to find that in the profession or work you do. It is your journey, we will be your champion, your success partner. We will work with you to keep you on track, support you through the many challenges that may present themselves and we will hold the space for you while you discover what your true purpose is.

You have come to this site because you are ready for a shift of some sort. Let's explore that. 

Contact Deanna to find out more.

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