Leadership Training

Deanna is passionate about designing
 healthy workplaces, where trust, creativity, innovation, collaboration and fun are the culture. It is what leads to an outstanding employee experience and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

Leaders of today are under extraordinary pressure to streamline, produce and manage a vast range of generations, personalities and motivations. Gone are the days of Freedom 55. We are seeing an unprecedented span of four generations in the work place, each with their own communication styles, needs and desires. 

On top of the demand for streamlining and increasing productivity, there are significant pressures on your staff. This pressure shows up in all sorts of ways; from insubordination, disengagement and conflict, to absenteeism. 

Deanna will come into your organization, investigate and analyse your office engagement and work with your front line leaders to address topics such as:

Are your leaders prepared for the shift? Do they have the ability to speak to the needs of every staff member? Do they understand the difference in motivations and communication styles in different generations? The differences are real. 

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