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Performance Management

Performance management is NOT a report card. Performance management is intended to be a business tool, an opportunity to invite conversation and design a collaborative commitment to the organizations goals and objectives for the year ahead. Really, it is about communication. Proactive, concurrent and sustainable, communication. They can be difficult conversations. They can also be extraordinary opportunities!

This program will provide your leaders with a new way to look at performance management. Re-think it and get it working for you. Deanna will train your front line leaders to build individual contribution commitments with their staff, to work with their staff to get their personal commitment on what they will contribute to the organization in the coming year.  

When your staff know that they are a partner in the workplace, they are engaged. When your staff are engaged and 
committed to their contribution and how that fits into the greater whole, you will see this translate exponentially in your customer experience. This is what it is all about!

Grow your staff, grow your service, grow your business!

Through the years as an HR professional, Deanna has gained clarity around those intrinsic needs. Most everybody who works, has to. Managing performance is time consuming, there is no doubt about it. You can dread it or embrace it. Having experience across the industry spectrum, she has noticed that employees want to be held accountable. They want feedback on their contribution. They want to be respected and appreciated. It is simple, really!

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