Professional Development

It is all about Living on Purpose.

Are you fulfilled professionally? Are you making the contributions you hoped to when you embarked on your professional journey? Are you doing what you love? What you are passionate about?

Did you make it to where you are today on purpose?

Development of any sort is about making conscious choices. It is so important to take responsibility for your own happiness. As adults we can make choices. It is not like being a child where you are bundled off to school and work through that system, just to embark on a life journey that doesn't remotely reflect what you were taught in the institutions. Don't get us wrong, we are advocates of life-long learning. Life-long learning in the truest sense.

It is our opinion if you stop learning as you go through life you are no longer living, you are simply existing. That is OK for some people. Some people even believe that that is all there is. However, you have come to this site because you are not one of those people. You have been directed here because you are committed to living your best life.

Let's explore that.

Professional development is not simply about the end goal. It is nurturing and cultivating. It is passion and drive. It is part of the Living on Purpose experience. When you have reached the end goal, set a new one. Everything is possible!

Did you have good role models? 
Are you a good role model?
Are you fulfilled?

When you hire Deanna to work with you one-on-one, she will utilize her insatiable curiosity, active listening, intuition and experience. Deanna has a wealth of knowledge to share, so that you can be all that you have ever hoped to be.

Get that perfect role, think critically and strategically, inspire. Create that true north experience. Many people believe that their being is made up of parts. The work you, the home you, the friend you, the community you and so on. Deanna believes, to her core, that if you do not show up as the naturally creative, resourceful and whole being that you are, you are not showing up. 

Many leaders reach that station and believe that they have to turn a part of themselves off to be an effective leader. In truth, we are so much more than "that leader". Do you think you can support your staff, attain your goals, and meet your organizations expectations by shutting down parts of who you are?

Recognizing there is a time and place, Deanna knows from experience, that you gain more trust and respect when you show up completely. Full engagement. It is a great opportunity to exercise boundaries. We are not talking hard, closed edged, hard line boundaries. We are talking boundaries that are flexible, open and adaptable. There is no right or wrong way to do anything. There is always more than one path to follow to find a solution, some more effective than others.

Each individual will come with their own unique experience, history and story that will govern much of their behaviour, intrinsically. 

Do you live on auto-pilot?

My challenge to you is to show up in your entirety in all aspects of your life. What does that mean? How do you want others; colleagues, partners, customers and leaders, to treat you? Is this how you treat them?

Working with a coach you can try on new ways of engagement. You can play with what is in your spirit versus what is in your head. Experience reaching your professional best. 

Contact Deanna to explore more.
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