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Wellness is a journey. It is physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

We all have had our own experience, with excellent health and poor health. And often it requires a new way of being, a new reality.

Deanna is no different. With awareness, compassion and genuine curiosity she will work with you as you process what a new reality means for you. She will continue to support you until you are back to your optimal comfort and living your best life. 

All too often we hear "I just want to be happy". Happy really does take effort. 
Know that it is a process. It takes patience and perseverance and when you do make it to the other side, it is such a fantastic accomplishment. Are you ready to acknowledge, accept and adapt?  
How is your energy?
Are you doing the things you want to do?
Are you fulfilled?
Are you living a balanced life: work, home, family, community, spiritually?
Have you been diagnosed or are you living with a chronic health condition? Are you supporting somebody who has been diagnosed or are living with a chronic health condition?
Is there one thing you could do today that would change your life right now?

Deanna understands the journey of living with and overcoming chronic health challenges. She will work with you from diagnosis
"AWARENESS", to coping with "ACKNOWLEDGEMENT", through to managing and thriving in your new reality "ADAPTATION". Living your best life!

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